study circles

The Study circles For Social Change Programme enables small groups of participants to learn together, and from each other, about how to advance their interests and needs using a democratic, interactive and participatory method of education. Study circles of grassroots leaders in trade unions and community organisations are essential for building vibrant democratic organisations with an active membership.

Economic democracy is not less possible than political democracy. In fact the two can only be realized together. It is impossible to fully realize the one without the other.

Elitists and technocrats would rather have us believe that economies are too complicated and too fragile for the rest of us to understand and run. They are wrong! Economies and enterprises function best for all, when they are governed by all.

Participants in this course will be encouraged to understand the difference between economics and political economy and to articulate and explain the basic principles of each to set the theoretical foundation for democratizing the economy. The course provides readings and materials, however, participants are encouraged to share resources that are relevant to each of topics covered in this course. 

We look forward to your participation in all the course activities and to learn from you how this course assists you activate members of your  organisation or employees in your workplace.

Here you will find study circle materials, programmes and curricular designed and implemented during 2017 by study circle facilitators trained through the study circle for social change programme.